Monday, July 16, 2018

Next generation game development took a huge leap when the pilot model of Oculus Rift appeared on the game event horizon. More than a game it lists as a vr virtual reality level with physical sensations. It’s more than the buzz of a game controller it approaches science fiction descriptions. Up until this point gamers have been passive consumers of the action, but with Oculus Rift consumers become interactive participants in the drama of it. Stepping into the games becomes as easy as putting on the headset and turning on the display. The chosen scene appears and you have become part of that world.


Virtual reality with various video cameras have been play toys of the military for some time. The military believes in it to the point they use it for training exercises. A wide variety of industries received development kits along with low-latency positional head tracking. These involved low-persistence OLED displays. What astonished most users became the cameras.

  • Panoramic video camera – Using a Genunaute vr-360 camera the film captured and then
    ports directly into Rift. The size of a soda can it can mount on a drone or helmet
    easily. Not a simulated environment but a moment in time at a real location.
  • Stereoscopic camera – augmented reality means an immersive experience and these
    cameras help blend virtual reality parts with real film. Its field view of 90
    degrees’ horizontal with 110 degrees allows a perspective from a user’s eyes. The
    set up fits well with the hand tracking.
  • Spherical cameras – the camera literally looks like a ball. Footage comes from many
    angles and knits together so approaching how human eyes actually view the word
    giving much more depth to the film.

Oculus Rift

Well a 360-degree camera leads to 3d vidio content that enhances imaginative imagery. Seeing it on the Internet ranks as wow but seeing it with Oculus Rift gear ranks awesome. Pre-orders were taken since January 2016 and shipping began this April. It comes with headset, headphones, a mike, and Xbox one controller. Lucky’s Tale by Playful provides a free game for the experience.


An article or video can only describe the experience so far. Find a friend or a demo and play the game itself. Be an early adopter and enjoy the experience. Watch this Oculus Rift videos below:

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