Monday, July 16, 2018

Oculus Rift is a Virtual Reality headset that provides users with a life-like experience. It is great for using with games, film, viewing stereoscopic video, and social experiences. The user places the headset with the virtual reality viewer over their head and eyes and plugs up the system to a PC laptop.

Having received buzz the entire year of 2015, its release in January drew much deserved excitement. It elevates the experience of nearly every platform. When you order the Rift, you will get the headset, an Oculus Remote for easy navigation, integrated virtual reality headphones, a body sensor, and a controller.

How does it Work?

Oculus Rift Provides the User with a realistic gaming and entertainment experience by using several new technologies. According to Oculus, they use “State of the art displays and optics designed specifically for VR.” Low persistence displays minimize blur and make viewing the screen up close more comfortable with faster refresh rates. It also employs a low latency constellation tracking system. In laymen’s terms, that means it uses high tech software to track your head and eye movements. For example, when you turn your head or look right in the VR environment, it feels as if you are naturally looking around in a real environment, enhancing the sense of presence. Other features of the Oculus Rift are integrated audio for realistic sound and Oculus touch, which lets you easily manipulate and grasp objects in the game.


There are a suite of games and entertainment apps designed for Oculus with your enjoyment in mind. Eve: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale are available with a purchase of the Oculus, but there are more than 30 Oculus games set for release this year. Some include:

  • The Climb

Rock Climb in 3D. Oculus Touch provides you with a firm grasp on cliffs as you race to the top. You can even climb with your friends.

  • Unspoken

Practice your magic skills with the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch

  • Rock Band VR

Rock out onstage in VR.

Movies available for viewing on the Oculus Rift are Clouds over Sidra, winner of the 2015 Sheffield Doc/Fest Award and a nominee for the 2016 Webby Awards; Invasion!; and The Voudou Healer. These films and more can be watched from Within, an Oculus collaborative app for Virtual Reality documentaries and film shorts. Most are shot from a panoramic camera to provide 360 video.

Social Apps

The Oculus Rift is not limited to watching videos and playing games. With the headset, you can also gather around virtual versions of your friends and hang out. Two promising social apps that serve just that purpose have been designed for Virtual Reality use.

With Altspace VR you can catch up with friends, get to know new people, play games, and attend tons of cool events all without going anywhere.

vTime, “The VR Sociable Network,” lets you socialize with family and friends in a virtual setting. Choose which location you like, such as on a mountain top or beside a camp fire.

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