Oculus and Virtual Reality


Entertainment technology companies are booming more than ever as consumers continue to look for the latest in entertainment technology. This consumer interest has sent many large manufactures off on a hunt for the next big trend or product. This hunt has cultivated a growing interest into the realm of virtual reality entertainment. Many fantastic products have been introduced in recent years and with more on the horizon, there is every reason to be excited about the fantastic products that are slowly being released to the public. Below are a few new advancements that you should be aware of.

What To Look For

In the realm of video imaging and 3d videos there are a number of fantastic items and technologies that are being released. Here are a few of them given with brief descriptions:

What May Be Coming in the Future

Most of the products that have been discussed all have the capability to completely revamp how we experience video entertainment. With the slow shift to 3d newer display devices and consuls will need to be upgraded in order facilitate 3d capabilities for both movies and video games. Many of the older consoles and computers will be rendered absolute with coming advancements. While these new products and technologies may be fantastic in their own right, they are only scratching the surface in regard 3d imaging and entertainment.

Helpful Information

In an effort to make understanding what exactly stereoscopic video is I have attached a link to the bottom of this page. The video shows the difference between standard video and stereoscopic making it easy to see the difference between the two. This video also gives us a hint at what may come in the future in regard to technological fields such as virtual reality, 3d imaging, and photography.


photo credit: via photopin (license)