Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Underwater 360 Video takes 360 Degree filming into the depths of the ocean. Scuba divers use spherical video cameras for the best recording of their diving expeditions. Underwater 360 Video isn’t wildly different from 360 filming in other environments. It provides a panoramic shot of a scene from varying angles for the best visual possible. What is different is the equipment and accessories that are used, which must be durable, airtight, waterproof, buoyant, and come with a higher camera resolution.

360 Accessories and What You Need to Film Underwater 360 Video

Here are some basic accessories you will need to film Underwater 360 Video:

  • High Resolution 360 Degree Camera
  • Waterproof protectant rig for cameras
  • Adaptor/mount

360Heros provides a nice product to easily film underwater 360 video. The 360Abyss-v4 is an underwater rig that holds six 360 cameras. Along with the rig and polycarbonate domes, it comes with a waterproof pelican case to carry materials and a mount that allows for filming at a further distance. A magnetic wand is included to easily change modes, synchronize and turn the system on and off. The acrylic, aircraft grade polycarbonate, all-in-one system is buoyant, durable, and clearly films underwater. The 360Abyss offers resolutions up to 7,500 x 3,750 pixels and can shoot 3d video at depths as low as 1,000 meters.

Steps to Putting Together 360 Abyss Camera Rig

Putting together 360Heros’ 360Abyss-v4 is a smooth process and can be completed in 3 simple steps.

  1. Remove the dome doors from the system.
  2. Find Holder #1 and start plugging in the GoPros.
  3. Reattach dome doors, easy snap in

Once completely assembled, it can be left together for your next underwater 360 filming adventure.

Oculus Rift

Want to feel like you’re underwater? Use the Oculus Rift with your underwater 360 Video footage for a high-resolution, interactive viewing experience. The Oculus Rift is a Virtual Reality headset that provides users with a life-like experience. It is great for using with games, films, viewing Oculus 3D videos, and social experiences. The user places the headset with the virtual reality viewer over their head and eyes and plugs up the system to a PC laptop. The Oculus Rift is available for purchase for preorder and is compatible with most PC laptops. The Rift is a great way to experience new 3D videos in the blooming virtual reality market.

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